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Why Us?



This is one of those questions that is easy to answer: We care. We know that every project is unique, and many of our clients are putting everything on the line to realize their dream of opening an entertainment facility. This entrepreneurial spirit has fueled us since the inception of Creative Works in 1997. Since that time, we have become known as the "Laser Tag Experts" with more than 500 attractions that have been designed, built, themed, managed and/or operated around the globe.

With this experience, we have developed a methodology to successfully get your attraction from the drawing board to completion. This stems from our years of working hard to perfect what we do and help our clients make money not only through the memorable arenas and features we provide, but through our support and service after the sale including operational and marketing advice which has saved and earned our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day though, its much more than just delivering a great product, it's about the intangible assets we provide that allows us to stand out among the rest. Below, we've highlighted a few to provide more in depth analysis of what we do.


  • With over 500 attractions sold, we have practically seen it all. When it comes to precision and expertise in executing a successful attraction, you deserve the best. While there have been many “shingle – shakers” entering the industry to provide their “theming” for these attractions, they lack the experience of having done the sheer volume of sites we’ve done.

    A client of ours put it very eloquently one time. They said, “If I have a problem with my health I’m going to see a specialist – it just makes logical sense. I’m going to put my trust in a company that specializes in the attraction I’m purchasing to ensure I minimize my learning curve. After all, time is money, especially when you’re trying to open an entertainment attraction.”

    When you work with us, we encourage you to put us on your business plan as a reference to help add credibility and provide lenders and landlords with additional confidences.


  • You’ve heard it said that knowledge is power. We have encountered the codes on ADA, as well as fire and emergencies to ensure the safety of the attraction participants. Logically that information is very handy to have when you’re opening a site. We’ve seen the mistakes made by others that have cost their clients thousands. To be honest, early on in the days of our company (12 years back), we made a few errors ourselves when we were the new guys on the block. The learning curve is high when going into any business – so lean on our knowledge to lesson that expensive curve and save the headaches, hassles, and high costs that others face with those not having it.


  • People make the difference in an organization. They breathe life into projects and make the dreams come alive by use of their talents. We have many that have been with us for countless years because they take pride in the work they do and want to deliver the best to you. Many of our clients we call friends. After all, it’s not about the race; it’s the impact you make along the way that counts.


  • Through research, surveys, focus groups, customer feedback and more we continually improve upon our services and products to offer you the very best and to help give you an edge in your market. We observe games in play and the interaction between people and props all over the country when we do random site visits to various facilities. This allows us to take into account external factors in our design as well as player comments to tweak and adjust as necessary. Additionally we stay abreast of the industry by subscribing to over a dozen magazines so as things unfold in our industry, we can pass along important information and tips to our clients.


  • You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers… Contractors, architects, inspectors, landlords, real estate agents, investors and more – we’ve heard them all and we have some good answers to help you in the hurdles you’ll face.


  • When it comes to the laser tag equipment manufacturers, we know them very well as we've worked with them over the past decade. We have been hands-on with the equipment – we’ve held it, played it, and tested it. We have seen the installations of the equipment hardware and understand their requirements. We have seen the capabilities of the systems and have a sense as to their success in various markets around the globe. We also have an insider’s look at the support provided to our clients by the various systems. They work seamlessly with us from start to finish and prefer our involvement to minimize surprises and help project manage all of the requirements for a location.


  • A good design will yield you tens of thousands additional in revenue each year based on flow, experience, efficiency and more. We’ve seen costly mistakes by architectural theme companies and others that were avoidable from the start. To create a unique, exciting and memorable experience, it takes much more than building a few walls, creating a maze and putting paint or props in a space. Even our designs have changed overtime to reflect what is most appealing to those that will enjoy the attraction. We've experimented with using plastic tubes and panels as well as fluorescent printed graphics but the costs to the operator overtime didn't justify the lower production costs on our end. We want what's best for our clients and don't believe in cutting corners to achieve a design that will CONNECT with the players. As such we have taken pages from the Hollywood movies and successful video game franchises to recreate some fantastic looks that make an impact not only for the guest, but one that’s positive to your bottom line.


  • What is the material made of? How thick is it? Is it fire retardant and can you provide proof? What is the luminosity rating of your paint? What machines do you have to create your products? What measures do you take for project throughput? How is my product protected from the elements and potential damage? How will it be mounted? These are some of the questions that aren’t asked and you’d be surprised with some of the answers or lack thereof. From start to finish, your project is carefully handled and produced with the best materials, machines, finishes and talent when you work with us. They say not to judge a book by its cover. Keep this in mind if you do comparisons because one prop may not be like another. What seems like the same on the outside is typically not when comparing what actually goes into making it and the company behind it. This is why we always encourage people to visit us, meet the faces behind the company, see the pride we put into our products and "kick the tires" in our showroom to gain a better understanding of the quality we put into everything we do.


  • How much production space do you have? Can I see it? Do you lease or own it? What are the various departments that comprise your shop? How many full time people work at your location? Do you have a showroom where I can touch and feel what I’m getting? Again all of these are great questions that should be asked. To answer a few for you, we have 33,000 square feet of production space with a 7,000 square foot showroom between 2 company owned buildings. We have 7 departments filled with 20 people that would love to meet you and show you what they do and how we can help bring the WOW Factor to your project.


  • Adults and kids alike have more entertainment choices than ever before to enjoy and choose between. Gone are the days where you could throw some attractions in a warehouse and call it a family fun center – at best, it’s a short term draw that won’t turn out to be the field of dreams one hopes for when the next guy thinks he can do better. To connect with your target, we create realism with everything we do. We use colors that are authentic – not brilliant primary colors others use that make something end up looking like a fluorescent 70’s disco. These will work in tourist areas but not middle America where authenticity for environments has become expected.


  • We believe having the choice to choose between themes is important – we have 7 that we’ve already done. Some are more popular than others and we have 4 that you can see in our showroom firsthand. Being in business for 17 years, we have had time to grow our portfolio of themes and tweak them to be the best right off the shelf. We also give you various choices when it comes to the package level that’s right for your site. Additionally, we work with multiple laser tag equipment providers so you’re not stuck to just one. One of our clients summed up their choices by saying, “No one else has as diverse a portfolio, gives you as many choices, or provides the WOW effect like you do!” Who are we to disagree?


  • As part of our package we provide a suite of plans that include dimensioned layouts, electrical plans, and the arena design. Accompanying these plans is a 12 page document providing suggestions and requirements for your build out. From receptacles to wall finishes we provide you everything you need to build the attraction right, the first time, and prevent the guess work and last minute changes that turn into unexpected costs!


  • Being in business for so long, we have developed some great trusting relationships with other companies that are in the entertainment industry. During that time we have worked with several in this industry and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. So if you’re looking for something we can’t provide, such as another attraction or service, chances are we have someone that can help and make a difference for your project.


  • We strive to provide you a turn-key attraction. We take you from concept to design, into fabrication, and then installation and everything that comes with it. When reviewing proposals and agreements, make sure you know who is unloading the shipment, installing your arena, renting the equipment needed (forklift, scissor lift, etc), paying for temporary labor, etc. These little details can add up to thousands or more just in hard costs, not to mention the hassles of making the arrangements. With us, it’s all part of our hassle free approach and already included in our Professional Arena Packages.


  • In the unfortunate circumstance that something goes wrong, what happens then? Are you working with a company who is operating out of their garage or a leased space they could be asked to move from? Do they only have a cell phone for a contact number? Is their agreement litigated in the United States or are you bound to International law? Do they even have liability insurance let alone worker’s compensation insurance should they get hurt on your location? How about fire and theft insurance in case what they are building at their place gets destroyed somehow? You’d be surprised what you find out there with others. With us, we have you covered as we are insured to give you peace of mind.


  • The majority of our business comes from laser tag because that is where we started. Through the years we have developed several attractions that have proven to be sustainable and successful in the market. Some of these include Cosmic Golf, our Lazer Frenzy laser maze, AtomicRUSH, and the new REACTOR and ColorCRUSH arcade games. They are excellent compliments to existing facilities and are great as stand-alone attractions in their own right. When purchasing multiple attractions from us, you not only benefit from a consistent look and feel, you also remove the headache of dealing with additional vendors, and realize production savings under our umbrella.


  • Our reputation has been our foundation. Our best interest has always been providing what’s best for you. Regardless of the package you choose, we will advise you on the decision so you have all the facts before proceeding forward with your business. Our internal client managers will then walk you through every step of the way to ensure your needs are met and everything is taken care of from start to finish. Their efforts earn them 2% of the sale to compensate them for their project management, and consultation efforts throughout the time it takes to get you open. They are paid salaries and their performance is not tied to how many projects they close, but how well they take care of YOU.


  • Creative Works has been in business and been serving the entertainment industry for over a decade. We purchase space at the tradeshows, we sponsor conferences, we speak at events, we provide our own in-house seminars, we write articles for trade publications, and we give back with our time, talents and treasures in the community around us. We are here to stay and look forward to working with you when the timing is right.

Leaning on our experience, we help skew the learning curve in your favor and bring resolutions to common and uncommon problems which may arise during the various phases of your project. We are here to assist, and provide the guidance and support you need from start to finish.

Contact us for more details and to answer your questions.
Call us at 317-834-4770 or go to our CONTACT PAGE

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