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Thank you for visiting the number one site for turnkey laser tag solutions. Take a look around - there are a number of things to see here including some great images, videos and educational information that will help you get started in adding this laser tag attraction to your entertainment facility.

After we get an understanding of what you want to do, we can look at your project from various stages and help guide you with advice and knowledge gained from being in the trenches and helping hundreds of others over the past 17 years.

Contact us for more details on laser tag systems and to answer your questions.

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Laser Tag Stats - 2010 to 2015

During that past 5 years, Creative Works has designed, built and installed over 239 themed game playing arenas worldwide. During that same time, all of our competitors COMBINED who imitate what we do have installed roughly 78. There IS a difference. Thank you to our clients for making us the NUMBER 1 CHOICE for laser tag arenas.

Laser tag comparison chart


Did You Know?

“We get comments all the time from people who say our laser tag arena is the best they’ve ever played and we have a lot of competition in our market.” Read More
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